Friday, March 20, 2009


Este "post" va dedicado con todo carino y amor a MR. FREDO

I met Mr. Fredo, (known as Mr. Wilfredo), about 2 weeks after I started working at a program for Early Education.

Mr. Fredo came aboard as The Chef. During this 5 years he has given us not just the best flavor and quality in his cooking but all his dedication, and love.

Mr. Fredo has decided to give his life new energy, new adventures, and new meaning for wich we wish him the BEST.

The "Go Diego Go" trophy

HIS LEGACY will always be remembered:

1. The best "arroz con pollo" in town, all people in here regardless of background always asked for more.

2. Best oatmeal, warm during winter time making you feel it was just made by your mama. Well, sometimes it tasted like burned according to Ms Jenn and Ms Brenda, but they are "picky" eaters anyway.

3. Always left aside extra food for the late comers, so no children will start the day hungry, for some of us too.

4. The headaches he gave Ms Alicia with his last minute shopping list for groceries.

5. The Olimpic runs he gave some of the administrators to go get bread for the same day.

6. Him: stealing the coffee from the front to the back.

7. His screaming and running down the hallway just because he found a dead mouse-next to the dumpster. I'm staying in Boston, you know!

8. Mr. Fredo calling me to flirt with the trash collector person so he could take the dumpster without him removing the snow of the way.

9. The best soup especially during winter time that made the children "nap in a snap"; some of us too.

10. The space for all of us to cook our own crations in his kitchen: you always said; "for you, no problem".

11. You even did dishes that belonged to other people.

12. The smell of delicious beens all over the building, that made us wish for lunch time at 10AM.

13. The handy-man: Mr. Fredo do this, Mr Fredo do that!

We will never forget your smile early in the morning, your serviceably, and great attitude.

"You set the tone of the day each morning for all of us by simply being you, happy and smiling." Ms. Alicia S.

We appreciate all you have done for our program, for our children, for our staff.

Good luck! Gracias Mr. Fredo.

From all of us.

By Coqueta

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