Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paseando por el Planeta

Coqueta Trivia
Win a dinner with Coqueta in the city of Boston.
Answer the questions for each of the Coqueta's photos, the right and/or original answers will win a dinner paid by me. I will choose the restaurant, the time and the place to meet. (Coqueta have a good taste.) You can bring company but I will only pay for your dinner. How to get there is on you. No sushi or raw meat.
The winner will be announced on July 31, 2008 right here.
The dinner will be plan for a weekend in August.

Mail your answers to: "Coquetaclub@aol.com"

Good Luck!!!

Photo 1: What is the name of the tallest building in this photo? What else can you tell me about it?

Photo 2: Can you name this bridge? What else do you know about it?

Photo 3: Look what I found. What are these? Very interesting.
Where are these located, and if you have the story, tell me about it.

Photo 4: Can you tell me the time? Where is this at? You have a clue already.
Photo 5: If you were the owner of this car, you are in which city of the United States?

Photo 6: Give me all the story behind this building.

Photo 7: What movie recreated this monument? Give me some history.

Photo 8: Where I'm standing? Where do you think I'm going?

Photo 9: What can I possibly prepare in this? Give me location.
Photo 10: Who is this big head? Where is he standing and why?
Photo 11: If I was able to make this close up, where I was standing at what time? hehehe

Photo 12: Where I'm standing in order to see this sign?
Photo 13: Where is this monument at and what is the meaning? Whole story please.
Photo 14: What I was celebrating?
My own answers will be revealed on July 31. Have fun, because is better to have fun than to be funny.

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