Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I didn’t know the fun I was missing.

My Instructor I never thought that going into a batting cage could be so much fun. After warming up my muscles, and in the company of my instructor for major leagues, (even for eating), OB, we tried this activity. I loved it. Revitalizing!

In this specific place there were a few cages and each one had different ball speeds. We tried all. The truth is that it was easy to hit the ball at a higher speed than at the slower speed.

At the highest speed the expectation grows and the eye sight sharpens and I hold the bat stronger, legs grounded on the floor, ---zooooom---I was so happy to see my balls (LOL) going up there hitting the closed ceiling.
At the slow speed is another story. I was so bore waiting for the freaking ball, and the ball never came. I didn’t like that. The funny thing is when the machine pitched the ball it was like observing a slow motion picture of the ball, the anticipation to hit the ball grew out of limit that I step to the front looking for the ball and hitting with the bat like I was about to kill a bug. This motion of mine caused my left foot to step over a little hill and I was about to roll down together with the ball, the bat, and my beautiful body. I was able in the last minute to balance and I didn’t fall but this was a funny event that caused my “instructor” to laugh out loud for a few minutes.

I immediately change to the high speed cage. After all, it was a great experience. I recommend it.

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