Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love Islands

Vacations for me have to include a beach day whenever possible. Here at Topsail Island, North Carolina; the water was warm and furious. The sun was shinning, the temperature was perfect. All this combined with the great company of good friends, who could ask for more.

This trip to the beach was not planned. I was in the room when I heard Tony screamed, “ma’, put you swim suit on, we are going to the beach”. That was like music to my ears, like an order. I came out of the room in my swim suit and my bag ready for the day.

After eating our Chinese food at a restaurant, Nat, Tony, OB, SE and I reached our destination. I had a great time, unforgettable. Thanks guys.

The following are my photos impressions for you to enjoy.Surfing board out of my feet.

Coqueta like always

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