Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Visit Boston, MA, USA.

Coqueta around Downtown Boston

Sometimes we are looking for places to go to enjoy, have a good time, to relax, and not to expend to much money.  Once again, do your search for those places around you (wherever you are) and take time to really get to know it. 


Boston is a multicultural city, with a lot of students and intellectuals from all over the world.


Founded in 1837, with 24 acres of space, Boston Public Garden and Boston Common still are the best places to visit in Boston.

Location: Downtown Boston

Parking: Underground for about $10.00 US, flat rate on weekends.

Pictures: Yes, all you want.

What to enjoy: I enjoy the people, what they do, what they wear, all about people.  There are places for shopping: Department stores, food, mall, jewelry, books, bars, hotels, and many historical places.  The gardens are amazing.  Playground for children, (fake) pond to refresh during summer (skating rink during winter).  Romantic place for a walk and much more.

Picture Time: I really enjoy people!

Homeless people at the park.
The Ranger and a girl surprised by the reaction of the horse.

Homeless people before they can go to their shelters.  In the background a man that was talking about God, very loud, competing with the sounds of music from a group, while the homeless people look without any expression on their faces, I wonder what were they thinking,

This is where you can find more information about this brasilean group of capoeira. 

Girls practicing capoeira at the Common Park.

Playground child-proof.

Clowns and balloons

Yes, you can enjoy the sun, just bring your blanket.

Walk around, holding the hand of your significant other.  The Ranger and his horse again.

The Ranger calling security on me, I took too many pictures of him, I just explained I was a tourist from Puerto Rico.  He loved it.

Well, instead of a piragua, in this area you will find Italian Ice, it's also good.

Biking, skating, is prohibited in the park.

You see all kind of fashion, people seem not to worry about what others think or what they will put in their blogs.
Walk your dog in style!  Don't forget to have your plastic bag for the poop.

Yes, I enjoy people and I enjoy myself.  I'm here eating a hotdog, once a year, they seems to taste better at Downtown.  I buy mine on the corner of Macy's (my fav store), and my drink have to be _________.  What flavor do I prefer for my hotdog?


edna said...

Por que no me llevaste? Lol, se ve divertido. En serio el ranger iba a llamar security? lol, eso de decir que eras turista works, lol.

Coqueta said...

Hola Edna
Bueno, cuando andes por estos rumbos, me avizas y vamos juntitas al recorrido del parque.
Nena si, el ranger se sintio intimidado y utilize un broken spanglish, cuando me cuestiono, con una sonrisita, y pues ya se sintio mas calmado.
Sera que nadie antes lo habia retratado? Quien sabe.

Coqueta said...

You have to go to a game, it's so much fun. Just to be there in the historic site, the restaurants and bars around are awesome but the environment inside while the game is going on, is full of energy. You have to eat a hotdog, or a pretzel and a beer. Then you have to sing and dance "Sweet Caroline, oh, oh, oh".

I went to a game, Red Sox vs. White Sox and I had so much fun, even thou my team didn't win.

Keep taking pictures and best wishes from Beantown!!!