Friday, June 4, 2010


Don’t let bad economy ruin your fun in the good weather!  There are so many places that you can visit for little amount of money or even for free.  Find more information about your own town in the internet and discover new places to visit and enjoy.  There are places that offer free guess-pass or half prices, it’s a matter of investigating, so do your homework and start the fun today.


It’s not the caribbean but it's a beautiful beach, clean and with restrooms.  Located 20 miles south of Boston, Hull beach offers a place for the family and friend to enjoy.  

I took this photo at my secret spot while walking in good company.

What to expect?

A day at the beach full of fun and relaxation.  You can find restaurants, shops, museums, spas, boutiques, antiques, and more.  On June 13 there will be a Car Show, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Can I take pictures? Yes.

Photo while doing a romantic walk with you.

Where to park?

There are designated parking lots for $7.00 (US).  There are also public spaces for free, my secret.

Note: I really love to go there!  The sunset is beautiful at my private spot.

For more information:


It’s located in South Boston, the home of landmark Fort Independence.  

What to expect?  Free admission to the Fort during summer time.  They also offer free tour, or just simply walk inside the Fort on your own.  The home for Sullivan’s spot that sells ice cream, hotdogs, lobster, fries, water, etc. This is a great place to walk, bike, run.  It also have a very nice playground for children.  You can even get to the Kennedy Library.  

The island connects with Carson Beach, where you can tan on sunny days, have a picnic with your family, volleyball with your friends, kite-surfing, windsurfing and during summer they open a kiosk that sells food.  Restrooms.

Can I take pictures? Yes.

Where to park?

Along the sides, and in designated parking lot for free.

You can also get there by train, red line, JFK stop and walk.

Note: I like it there, for my chocolate ice cream from Sullivan’s and to simply relax.

For more details visit:


Partial view of the city.

The oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, also known as “Old Ironsides”.

Located at the Navy Yard, Boston.

Titanic mood.

What to expect?  

Free admission-You will go thru a security check point just like in the airport.  So be ready to remove everything out of your pockets.  The entrance is a little museum with the history and photos about the USS Constitution.  They also offer free tour with a guide inside the ship.  If you don’t like waiting, just go on your own to the ship.

Can I take pictures? Yes.

Where to park?

There is a hotel-parking lot, next to it that cost $12.00 (US) There are other public parking around, I don’t know the price.

Coqueta aboard, photo by my loving gentleman.

Note: I enjoyed my time there.  You can take nice pictures too.

For more information you can visit:

scary clinic
What is this for? Laundry for sailors.

Enjoy your days in the planet!



solo joe said...

unos close up de tus pies para los fetichistas. jejej

pero tengo una favorita ;0)

Coqueta said...

Hola Joe
Con que fetichistas, mmm, por ahi han de andar.
Cual sera tu favorita?

Juanml said...

En par de ocasiones tome vacaciones en Boston y area (cuando residia en mi pais, desde que vine a Canada se acabaron mis vacaciones internacionales, es como viviendo al reves), y en una de esas ocasiones era verano, por lo que visite con frecuencia la playa que me quedaba mas cerca: Revere Beach, seguro la conoces, es muy encantadora, y llamo mi atencion que dice es la primera playa publica de America, supongo que como America se refieren solo a USA. Te lo menciono por si acaso no has ido, para que la incluyas en un proximo itinerario. Saludos.

Coqueta said...

Hola Juanml
Si, he estado en Revere inumerables veces, inclusive puse un post hace tiempo de Revere con toda la historia, recientemente puse fotos que tome un domingo en la tarde. Algunas fotos estan en el post: Visiones que te hacen decir..." y el otro esta en el indice bajo el año 2008 y titulado "Un Poco de Historia de Revere Beach", por si lo quieres leer.
PD. No olvides que es muy comun llamar America y Americanos a EU